6 Part-Time Jobs You’ll Actually Enjoy

There are plenty of jobs that are actually enjoyable, and that makes it far easier to get through working hours. Here are six that are enjoyable for certain personality types. Whether you’re outgoing, introverted, love to meet people or prefer the company of dogs, there’s a part-time job for you.

1. Academic Tutor

You love your major, right? What better way to spend time on it than to help another student with it and get paid? Both university students and students from Tuscaloosa high schools need tutors in various subjects. For younger students, you can get tutoring work by leaving your name and contact info with high school teachers who can recommend you as a tutor to their own students. For college-level tutoring, putting up notices bulletin boards can drive some traffic toward you. IN off-campus housing, it’s easy to have your students come to your home for regular sessions.

2. Barista

Fan of coffee? Love the sight of sprinkles and foam and the smell of roasted beans? Being a barista will keep you in contact with all of those things, and you may even earn yourself some free coffees on top of the paycheck. Anywhere there is off-campus student housing, there is bound to be a coffee shop nearby. Both national chains and small, locally owned coffee shops always need good barista to keep customers happy.

3. Pizza Delivery Driver

If you don’t want to stay indoors during all of your working hours, and you have a reliable car, delivering pizzas is a time-honored tradition among college students. It’s a food service job without a lot of time actually spent inside the restaurant. These jobs usually have good hourly wages when you factor in your tips and the mileage pay you get for the use of your car.

4. Fitness Instructor

If there never seems to be enough time for you to work out, how about working out and getting paid for it? Gyms of every size need instructors to show customers how to use the machines, to demonstrate how to do specific exercises and to lead classes. Leading an aerobics or Zumba class a few times a week will keep you in shape and get you a steady paycheck.

5. Dog Walker

Many student apartments don’t allow dogs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with them. If you love dogs, walking them should be a fun way to earn some money. Advertising directly, either online or through bulletin boards, is one approach to getting customers, but there are easier ways. Getting signed up with Wag! or a similar service allows people to book you through the app for their dogs’ walking needs.

6. Brand Ambassador

If you’re outgoing and love to meet people, this job may be for you. Brands of every type hire people to demonstrate their products in stores, give away samples and to talk to customers about what they sell. These may be a flat hourly rate or a set rate plus commission on what you sell. The hours tend to be flexible, and it’s often needed on weekends, giving you plenty of time for school during the week.

Some of these jobs have regular hours each week while some are more flexible. If needed, it’s always possible to take on two or more of these positions to keep the money flowing in.